"I'm passionate about creation
and invention in clothing. It's in my DNA"

Who I am

"A respected industry veteran, Georges Atlan launched Guess Jeans with Georges Marciano back in 1980, and has over 30 years of product development, factory management, and running his own businesses. Considered one of the most experienced and accomplished denim experts in the manufacturing world, Georges Atlan trained and restructured American Apparel's sewing and dye-house operations to produce a new line of products. In just 3 years with his newly established product line sales went from zero to $100,000,000."

What I Do


Leading design creation aspects from identifying direction on upcoming trends to creating new garments from concept to retail, including determining washes, fabric, trim and fit.


Manage production facilities including training the workers, setting up the laundry, the washes, and the sewing lines--all with existing employee structure and resources.


Take garments from idea to retail ready, analyze sales distribution and scale production accordingly to efficiently replenish all styles and inventory. Execution is everything.


Too many businesses rely on new orders to increase revenue. Revolutionize your existing operations by streamlining processes that are costly and time-consuming.


"Georges Atlan is the Jeans Master."



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